Green Europe project

In the previous year, a big project called Green Europe took place. Every customer who ordered any product on our e-shop received a live tree seedling with their order. According to statistics, approximately half a billion trees are used for furniture production every year. The aim was to encourage the natural growth of trees in nature and to give back at least some of what we take from it. Every tree counts!

Together we have planted 30 000 pieces od Oaks and Douglas fir saplings across Europe. Find out more about the project on the Expedo Furniture website.

Green Europe objectives

  • to give back to nature some of what we take from it
  • to encourage tree planting
  • create a better place to live
  • help the planet together
  • maintain natural woodlands
  • create a social event for the whole family or friends
  • strengthen the relationship of the individual with the living organism